Mideast Iraq Vintage Mosul Photo Gallery

A trove of photographs now housed at the Library of Congress offers a glimpse of Mosul, Iraq, before wars, insurgency, sectarian strife and now radicals’ rule. The scenes were taken in the autumn of 1932 by staff from the American Colony Photo Department during a visit to Iraq at the end of the British mandate. Continue reading

APTOPIX Peru Unearthing the Bodies Photo Gallery

This remote hamlet on fertile Andean slopes beside the Apurimac river has been a ghost town for three decades, inhabited only by the buried bodies of villagers slain by security forces who considered them rebel sympathizers.
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APTOPIX China Britain Scotland
APTOPIX Mariners Angels Baseball

Over the last three weeks, we have gathered a selection of some of our favorite sports moments captured by AP photographers. Here’s a look at some of the high intensity, high impact moments from around the world. Continue reading

Ron Rivera

What makes a great NFL coach?

The NFL more than any other sport features signal-callers with diverse backgrounds, from former interns rising through Australian football ranks to NFL legend progeny with a penchant for X’s and O’s. Continue reading

APTOPIX Indonesia Volcano
California Daily Life

California, also known as the Golden State, is most populous state in the U.S. Its wide–ranging diversity, in both population and geography, have made California a source of enduring fascination. Continue reading